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At The Bridge Waiting On Us
Yorkie Friends Rescue believes that all Yorkshire
Terriers and Yorkie mixes deserve loving and
caring homes and the medical care necessary to
ensure the best possible quality of life,
regardless of their age or condition; and the
members will rescue Yorkies and Yorkie mixes in
need, then strive to work together in a spirit of
co-operation and mutual respect to achieve that
goal for the Yorkies in our care; and through our
endeavors we shall seek to educate the public
about the cruelty to animals that exists in our
country, and how they can help to end it.
911 Click Here To Report a Yorkie in need of Rescue.
To read about the
perils that exist for
dogs and other
animals in our
country, and how
you can help to save
the animals from
these dangers, click
on any of the links
displayed down the
right margin of our
web site.
Yorkie Friends
Rescue is not
affiliated with any of
the organizations
permission when
permission when
necessary, only to
further the education
of the public.of the
Toxic Foods
These foods can be deadly
to dogs.
* Onions or onion powder
* Coffee
* Tea
* Alcoholic beverages
* Macadamia nuts
* Hops (Used in home
beer      brewing)
*Grapes and raisins
* Tomato foliage (leaves
&      stems)
*Green parts of
potato            (green
peeling, sprouts,        
*Rhubarb leaves
* Avocados
* Pits & seeds from
fruits          (plum, apricot,
peach,          apple, cherry)
* Bitter Almonds
* Moldy or spoiled foods
List of Toxic Plants Click Here
conservation, and other
issues that affect
animals.issues that affect
Animal behaviorist
Diana L. Guerrero
and unfortunately that and
unfortunately that makes it
vulnerable to their number
one "Predator" the
"Humans" that operate
PuppyMills in the United
Puppy Rescue & Adoption:
Adopt a Homeless Puppy in
your area...
the public about puppy the
public about puppy mills, to
prevent cruelty to animals,
to foster understanding of
responsible pet acquisition
and ownership, and to
promote adoption of
homeless companion
SPAY/USA, a program of
The Pet Savers Foundation,
is a nationwide network and
referral service for
affordable spay/neuter

Our mission is to reduce the
number of unwanted cats
and dogs and to stop their
suffering. Anyone who
needs assistance finding
affordable spay/neuter
services can benefit from
calling SPAY/USA!
The College of Veterinary
Medicine is a vital part of
Mississippi State University
and it serves the state,
region, and nation through
teaching, research, clinical
service and public service.
We hope you enjoy your
visit to our website and we
invite your comments to the
Mississippi State Univerity
Veterinary Medicine
Rescue Me Poem
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Poem Dedicated to those who Rescue
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In loving memory of our little friends
waiting on us at the Rainbow Bridge.
Read the stories of
these and other dogs
that are at the
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A Dog's Prayer
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If your pet has swallowed
anything you fear is
poisonous, please call the
ASPCA's National Animal
Poison Control Center
(NAPCC) to get 24-Hour
Animal Poison Information
for Veterinarians and Pet

William E. Campbell,
internationally recognized
authority on pet dog
behavior problems. Bill
co-founded the American
Society of Veterinary
Ethology (1975) and,
although not a veterinarian,
was its first president-elect.
He is a charter member of
the Dog Fancy Magazine
Hall of Fame (1996); author
of "Behavior Problems in
Dogs, 3rd ed." 1999, "Dog
Behavior Problems - The
Counselor's Handbook,"
(1999) (DogWise
800-776-2665) and the new
"Better Behavior in Dogs,"
1999, A Guide to solving all
your dog's problems,(
Petbehavior web site
Pet Behavior Resources
How Could You
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Since Yorkie Friends Rescue Corporation began on March 30, 2005,
we have successfully adopted to forever homes,
455 dogs
A Foster Parent Speaks

The mission of the Deaf
Dog Education Action
Fund is to provide
education and funding
for the purpose of
improving and/or saving
the lives of deaf dogs.
We are a non-profit
organization founded to
speak on behalf of and
assist in the betterment
of life for deaf dogs
All dogs adopted from
Yorkie Friends Rescue
are spayed/neutered,
updated on vacinations,
receive a heartworm test
and a fecal test, a
thorough vet exam, and
are treated for any
infections or conditions
before adoption.
Names of people  we appreciate
for their donations.
Click here is
presented to you as a free
pet care resource by and

Pet Dentistry: Dogs
and Cats Need
Dental Care, Too
ASPCA Poison Alert
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Read a
Rescue Poem
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BrentWood Pet
CPR For Cats
and Dogs Click

Canine Skin
Problems &
largest directory of pet
and pet
in one
Warning Dog
Raisin The Alarm   A
World of Pet Care
Animal Emergency
Response Network
K-9 Immuity
Treat Dog Cancer
The purpose of this website is
to help you find the best
treatment option for your dog.
Information on canine
meningioma and
related issues
Yorkie Medical
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To read about dogs Available for Adoption, click on the link below, or the
Available Yorkies button at the top of the page. To find out about requirements for
adoption,or to complete an adoption application, click on the
Adoption Application Links.
The adoption donation required for each dog helps cover the vet
costs for all of the dogs. So many dogs are sick or require a lot of
vet care to get them adoptable. Many others are too old and feeble
to be adopted and must stay in one of our foster homes for the
remainder of their lives. The adoption donations of the younger
healthier dogs helps pay a portion of those bills. Even those
adoption donations do not cover all of the vet bills we have to pay,
so we also have to rely on public donations to pay for excess vet
bills. We are 501c-3, so all donations are tax deductible.
Adoption donations are not tax deductible.
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Our members and the people who visit our website often share
beautiful stories and poems about rescue, rescue dogs, and beloved
pets with us. We like to make some of the most touching and beautiful
ones available for everyone to enjoy. Click on the links in this section
to read some of the stories and poems about the sweet dogs and the
cause we serve.
Rescue Poems & Stories
See the educational links in the right margin of this page
for information on a variety of topics including, the perils of
puppymills, animal cruelty research and issues, veterinary
and first aid information, pet behavior, and other topics.
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US Food and Drug
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Sammie now has a wonderful loving family!! After undergoing 3 surgeries to
correct serious ear problems, she now has a great future with a family who
adores her!!!  If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to help pay on
the $1750 vet bills for her, just use Paypal on our website or mail a check
payable to Yorkie Friends Rescue to...

Nancy Doherty
3060 N Atlantic Ave #204
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

We cannot help other dogs without restoring the funds pent for her surgeries. By
repaying these funds, we will be able to make more successful adoption happen!
We can only do it with your help.all donation, no matter how small, are helpful and
greatly appreciated!!
Sponsor and Donate Click Here
Successful adoption for Sammie